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Gold IRA Reviews – Top 10 Gold IRA Companies Compared

Investing in a gold IRA is no small thing. It is a step towards securing your retirement. As such the last thing that you want to do is just picking any gold IRA company before doing a proper research. Checking gold IRA reviews can help you get a better idea of who to work with. We have compiled a list of some of the top gold IRA companies/dealers. This list of gold IRA reviews includes some basic information about each company and their ratings on popular review and rating websites.

Lexi Capital

gold ira reviews

Lexi Capital is a North Carolina based gold company that aims to bring transparency and complete customer service to the industry. They were formed by a group of people who found that the industry was not treating customers the way that they should. Gold and silver sold from Lexi Capital can be purchased either for IRAs or by itself.

Lexi Capital makes a mark in the industry by believing that all investors should understand the market that they plan to be investing in. They offer education for clients, a phone support line, and a free investor kit.

For those that are looking to invest in Gold IRAs they partner with SDIRA Services INC. Online forms make it extremely easy to setup an account or even rollover an account. You can also print out traditional paperwork to fill out.

According to Lexi Capital’s website they do not sell all of the types of gold coins that can be used in a gold IRA. They wanted to provide their customers only with the options that showed the highest return. As such they offer the Gold American Eagle, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, and one ounce gold bars.

There are no complaints or lawsuits for Lexi Capitol. They also have good ratings on a variety of different websites. The Better Business Bureau rates Lexi Capital as an A+, its highest rating.

Fees: $250 flat rate per year


gold ira reviews

Cornerstone Bullion

gold ira reviews

Cornerstone Bullion is based in Colorado and was formed by Chad Roach, a major financial entrepreneur. Roach brings with him experience in insurance, precious metals, pre-paid credit card, and even venture capital. The company believes in making the process easy and safe for its customers. They primarily deal in gold and silver; however, they also deal in palladium and platinum. To buy either palladium or platinum you will need to contact them for availability as it is not purchasable from their website.

The Cornerstone Bullion website not only has a precious metals 101 guide but it also has the answers to a wide variety of questions. They also have a very experienced customer service team that helps to educate the customer if they still have questions.

As far as the Cornerstone website indicates they do not have a preferred IRA custodian. You will need to negotiate that before purchasing gold. If you contact their customer service they should be able to provide you with companies they have worked with in the past.

Cornerstone Bullion has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. TrustLink and Google Plus have five star ratings but they are both based on very few reviews. The business has no complaints listed with in the last three years. There are also no lawsuits listed.

Fees: $200 per year



Birch Gold

gold ira reviews birch

The Birch Gold Group is a California based gold provider that also deals in silver. They consider themselves a leader in the precious metals industry. Birch Gold Group believes in educating their clients with personal attention. Precious metals sold through Birch Gold are typically for the purpose of physical possession or precious metal IRAs.

Not only does Birch Gold Group provide the standard information packet but they also run a blog where you can find plenty of helpful information on purchasing gold. A “Why Precious Metals” section will also give you further details on just why investing in such metals is a good idea.

Birch Gold Group sells the gold. However, they do help to assist setting up precious metal IRAs. Their website claims that they will walk you through the process over the phone. They do not list their preferred gold IRA partner on their website though.

The Birch Gold Group has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Forty-six reviews on TrustLink’s website has led to a rating of five stars. They are also certified by Certified Consumer Reviews to have a five star rating (18 total reviews.)

Fees: Unknown



Wholesale Direct Metals

gold IRA reviews

Unlike some of the other gold IRA companies on this list, Wholesale Direct Metals classifies themselves as a dealer that specializes in volume discounts. They trade in certified, minted coins, numismatic coins, and investment metals. Their website claims that they pride themselves in their outstanding service.

All of Wholesale Direct Metals’ business is done over the phone. They list the coins they sell on their website but ask for customers to call for pricing. This gives the company a chance to speak with buyers and ensure that they are matching them with the right items for their needs.

Wholesale Direct Metals has three different free guides: Gov’t confiscation, Gold IRA & 401K Guide, and a Gold & Silver Coin Guide. They also have an online learning center that provides additional materials for learning about precious metals and precious metal trading.

The Wholesale Direct Metals website states that they work with a variety of gold IRA custodians. They work with customers to choose the option that is right for them based off of home much gold they are planning to store.

Like with the other companies here, Wholesale Direct Metals has an A+ rating with the better business bureau. They also have a full five star rating on TrustLink based off of 9 reviews.

Fees: Varies depending on the selected IRA custodian.


gold IRA review


gold ira reviews

Goldsilver.com is another California based gold and silver company that has entered the market that believes ethics are above all else. They sell a wide variety of products from gold and silver coins/bullion, to jewelry, safes, and emergency supplies. They list their mission and purpose on their website which makes for transparency.

The GoldSilver.com website offers a variety of resources for those who are looking to get into precious metals. They have a knowledge center along with various articles. They preach WeatlhCycles/Personal Gain cycles and have separate websites to explain the principles.

GoldSilver.com is unique so far in the fact that they are also a gold and silver storage. The vaults are run by Brinks and Guard Vaults. They have locations around the world. Their United States vault is located in Salt Lake City.

GoldSilver has A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website despite having 2 complaints on file. They also have an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and 6 complaints on file. The fact that they have complaints on file yet still retain the highest rating with both websites is a good sign. They also have a TrustLink rating of five stars, although its only based on three gold IRA reviews.

Fees: $300 flat rate per year



Blanchard And Company, Inc

gold ira reviews

Blanchard And Company is a Louisiana based company that sells gold, silver, and rare coins. They claim to be the largest and most respected firm of its kind. Over 85 experienced professionals serve hundreds of thousands of clients on a long-term basis. Their website states that they deliver the best products and most effective services.

Their website contains a selection of useful information for new investors. Like with all of the other services they provide a frequently asked questions section to answer all of their buyers questions. They also have a how-to section that goes into depth. Blanchard and Company also provides market news right on their website so you can know the state of the market without leaving their site.

Blanchard and Company uses the Goldstar Trust Company for their go to certified IRA custodian. The company has over 20 years of experience and stores over 1.9 billion dollars’ worth of assets. They are also happy to work with any IRS certified custodian that you choose should you want to work with another custodian.

Blanchard and Company, also known as Blanchard Gold, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau despite the fact that they have three complaints that have been filed within the last three years. They also have a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Their TrustLink rating of 1 star is from a customer who was upset at the fees being charged. However, the fees were on rare coins, not standard gold. The customer also uses a large amount of capitalized words which detract from his negative gold IRA review.

Fees: Unknown



Certified Gold Exchange, Inc

gold IRA reviews certified

Certified Gold Exchange markets itself as a premier precious metal trading platform based out of Texas. The Certified Gold Exchange deals mainly in a large variety of gold, not all of it being approved for IRAs. They also offer a smaller selection of silver. CGE specializes in maintain positive interactions with its customers and providing the highest quality precious metals.

The Certified Gold Exchange website provides a selection of free guides for potential customers. These include Gold And Silver Smart Moves, Gold and Silver IRA Kit, Real Money Magazine, and Ore-Vision Newsletter.

Brinks and Delaware Depository Services are the custodians used most by Certified Gold Exchange. They can also set up home delivery options that are not recommended.

All of the standard review websites have full marks for Certified Gold Exchange.

Fees: $175 scaled per year



Goldco Direct

gold IRA reviews 2

Goldco Direct claims to be the gold and silver IRA specialists. They are based out of California. They deal in gold and silver for both IRAs and physical possession. Their catalog offers a good selection of both gold and silver coins.

With a news desk and free investors kit they provide information needed for customers to get an idea of their investments. They also have a phone line for people to ask any questions they have in mind.

Coldco Direct has outstanding ratings on all of the major websites. They have two complaints closed on the Better Business Bureau, they are over a year old but less than three years old.

Fees: $175 scaled per year




gold ira reviews

Monex is a precious metal company that has been trading for over 40 years and is based out of California. They started to help provide options for purchasing gold after the gold confiscation of 1933. Their catalog includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The Monex website features an investor’s info section which includes both video and text help for those thinking about investing in precious metals. The videos can be especially helpful to those who want more information.

The Monex website does not state which service they use to store precious metals for those looking to get IRAs. More than likely you will need to arrange beforehand to store the precious metals.

Despite having a past lawsuit and thirteen complaints on the Better Business Bureau website Monex still maintains an A+ rating. Their rating on the Business Consumer Alliance is AAA too with one negative review.

Fees: $360+ scaled per year


Regal Assets

gold IRA reviews regal

Regal Assets is arguably the best reviewed precious metal dealer around. Based out of the United States, Regal Assets is an international dealer that specializes in precious metal IRAs and physical possession. They are a well regarded in the gold world. Very few legitimate review websites go without mentioning Regal.

There is a noticeable lack of an about us page on the Regal Assets website. They don’t have any information on when they were founded or how many clients they serve on one distinctive page. This hasn’t affected their business though.

The Regal Asset’s website has plenty of helpful resources on it. From frequently asked questions to guide on the details of buying gold. They offer three free kits: a gold IRA kit, a gold kit, and a gold investment kit. All of the information on their website helps visitors make an informed decision before making a purchase.

One of the features that Regal Assets prides itself on is the quick and easy setup of an account. An online form gathers all of the needed information and creates the needed paperwork. From there you can sign the documents digitally. Regal Asset’s team will then work with your chosen (and prearranged) custodian to transfer the gold to where it belongs.

Regal Assets has the highest number of gold IRA reviews on Trustlink with 843 and a five star rating.

Fees: $250 flat rate per year with your first year free.gold IRA reviews

This company also offers a free gold IRA investing kit.


Gold IRA Reviews - Top 10 Companies

Our RankCompany
1Regal Assets
2Wholesale Direct Metals
3Birch Gold Group
4Lexi Capital
5Cornerstone Bullion
6Certified Gold Exchange, Inc
7GoldCo Direct
10Blanchard & Company, Inc


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